Hand surgery plays an important role in restoring structure and function after an injury. You need your hands to be independent and express your thoughts and ideas. Hand surgery may be necessary after a traumatic injury to repair a fracture or tendon injury or may be recommended for those with severe carpal tunnel when conservative treatment has not resolved the condition.

Surgery can help alleviate pain and improve function in people with severe rheumatoid arthritis or restore function in those with nerve compression syndromes. There are a variety of other reasons why hand surgery may be necessary, including birth deformities, tumors, and Dupuytren’s contracture. In each of these situations, rehabilitation after hand surgery in Richmond is typically necessary to regain the most function in your hand.

Why Do I Need Rehabilitation After Hand Surgery?

Getting good function after surgery has as much to do with the expertise of the surgeon as it does with the type of therapy you receive afterward. Your work during rehabilitation after surgery is an important aspect of regaining function.

People achieve the best results when they put time and effort into their rehabilitation and are well-motivated and dedicated in their daily home therapy. Your therapist is your coach and helps define a therapy program with the greatest chance of restoring function. However, as with any other coach, you must practice on your own time.

After surgery, your hand could be immobilized in a splint, sometimes for months at night, to enhance recovery. These restrictions must be balanced with activity and work after surgery.

Your rehabilitation will be prescribed to increase your strength and function based on how you recover from surgery and the surgical procedure that was done. Hand surgery with rehabilitation for people in Richmond may include physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Trained specialists help optimize the recovery of your hand. Your therapy may include exercises, heat, massage, traction, and nerve stimulation. Intensive rehabilitation may be needed to regain the best function possible.

Why a Hand Specialist Should Do Your Surgery

Your hand is a complex network of nerves, bones, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and lymphatic drainage. Having a hand specialist perform your surgery offers you several key advantages. These professionals have received specialized training and experience specific to the hand and upper extremities.

Hand surgeons undergo extensive training beyond general orthopedic or plastic surgery that focuses specifically on the intricacies of the anatomy, function, and pathology of the hand. Their deep understanding of the complexity of the region allows them to accurately diagnose and effectively treat a wide range of conditions.

Hand specialists are skilled in a variety of surgical techniques tailored to the specific needs of the hand. This expertise helps them utilize advanced procedures and technologies, which ultimately leads to better functional outcomes and faster recovery times.

This comprehensive understanding includes rehabilitation and postoperative care, providing you with the personalized plans needed to facilitate optimal recovery and long-term function.

What to Expect from Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is not a quick process. You can expect progress to be slow. If you experience a bad injury or a major surgery, your hand can become stiff and more difficult to move. It can take six months of rehabilitation and physical therapy to loosen scar tissue and improve function.

After a traumatic accident or significant surgery, your hand may not be exactly as it was before. The goal for hand surgery and rehabilitation in Richmond is to return your hand to as close to normal functioning as possible. During your first visit with a therapist, they ask a lot of questions, potentially take measurements so they can track your progress, and might do some special tests to understand your baseline functioning.

At the end of the first appointment, your therapist will tell you what they find, discuss your therapy program, recommend how many times they think you need to come each week, and estimate how long your therapy program will last.

Call Today to Schedule Your Consultation for Rehabilitation After Hand Surgery in Richmond

It is essential to receive professional rehabilitation after hand surgery in Richmond to restore function and regain good use of your hand. The results of your hand surgery are a function of the expertise of your surgeon and the work you put into rehabilitation therapy. Call our office today to schedule your consultation to discuss how rehabilitation can help you regain function.

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