When to Visit a Hand Specialist

Whether you experience an injury or have had pain that gradually appeared, several types of health conditions can affect your hands, wrists, and arms. With the number of different medical specialists available, it might be challenging to determine the type of doctor you should see if your hands are hurt.

If the bone is broken, do you see an orthopedic surgeon? If you have arthritis, do you go to a rheumatologist? If you developed an overuse injury, like De Quervain’s tendonitis, who do you see? If you are questioning when to visit a hand specialist, contact our team.

What Kind of Doctor Do I See if My Hands Hurt?

The only answer is to see a hand specialist. The hand is a complex and highly functional part of your body that requires a medical professional who has extensive education, training, and experience in the bone structure, arterial and venous supply, tendons, ligaments, and nerves that allow your hand to produce highly complex movement.

A hand surgeon has advanced training in both prevention and treatment. Dr. Galpern is a board-certified hand surgeon who has dedicated his professional career to treating the continuum of medical conditions and injuries that affect the hand, wrist, and arm.

Advanced training and education give a hand specialist a profound understanding of the complexity of the structures that make up the hands and fingers. Hand surgeons do not specialize in an age group or a condition but rather in maintaining the structure and function of the hand.

Conditions a Hand Specialist Treat

When you have a health condition that affects only the hands or have a systemic health condition, such as Type 2 diabetes, that causes damage to the hand, a hand specialist can treat these types of conditions.

You should consider contacting a hand specialist when you have pain or discomfort in your hands, even when you are at rest. People who have a reduced range of motion in the hand, wrist, or fingers can benefit from the treatment provided by a hand surgeon. A reduced range of motion can happen suddenly, such as during an injury, or over time with advancing arthritis or other types of joint damage.

Even when pain extends to the elbow or you have numbness and tingling in your fingers and hands, a hand surgeon can help diagnose and treat the condition. Bone injuries, nerve problems, hand wounds, sports injuries, and wrist and finger instability are all types of conditions and injuries that affect the hand and that a board-certified hand surgeon can address.

When Should I Go to See a Hand Specialist?

The time to see a hand specialist is immediately after an acute injury or before a chronic condition creates joint damage. Common conditions that your hand surgeon can address include carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cysts on the hand and wrist, hand and wrist infections, trigger finger, and tendon injuries in hands, fingers, and wrists.

Dr. Galpern uses non-invasive, conservative treatments when they can help start the healing process. Surgery may be necessary if the damage is too severe.

During your visit, you can expect your hand surgeon to ask questions about the history of your condition and do a thorough physical examination of your hands and lower arms. The surgeon may request X-rays at the time of your visit and recommend other imaging studies when necessary to provide an accurate diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

If surgery is necessary, you will want the expertise of a hand surgeon to take on the delicate task of repairing the intricate components in your hand. The goal is to retain or regain full and complete use of your hands, yet this relies on the proper function of the bones, muscles, nerves, and more.

Your hands are responsible for providing you with a sense of touch that tells you about your environment and a vast range of motion that allows you to perform everyday activities. You want a hand surgeon who is trained, educated, and experienced to do the job.

When you have a hand injury or condition causing pain or loss of range of motion, call the Comprehensive Hand Surgery Center to schedule an appointment with Dr. Galpern. He will answer your questions and make recommendations for treatment with the goal of ensuring your hands continue to serve you well.

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