How Do You Treat Arthritis?

Inflamed joints are the most common and pressing symptom of arthritis. Most arthritis treatments and management techniques focus on controlling the inflammation that causes the pain symptoms, as well as improving the function of the affected joints. Most patients need to try several treatments, or treatment combinations, before they can determine what works best to manage their condition. Usually, a combination of medical treatment and healthy lifestyle changes is the most optimal way to manage arthritis symptoms.

Some every day, as well as medical arthritis treatments, can help you manage your arthritis symptoms. If you are wondering how do you treat arthritis, our team is ready to help. For more information about obtaining specialist arthritis treatment, speak to our hand specialist today.

Everyday Treatments for Arthritis

Physical and occupational therapy is one of the best ways to help manage arthritis because it can help you restore the function that is lost with this condition. Physical and occupational therapy can help you restore your movement, regain daily living function and activities, improve your range of motion, improve your posture, and strengthen your muscles. The goal of these types of therapy is not to eliminate pain entirely but to help you find ways to manage it so that it is not the primary focus of your life.

Arthritis symptoms can also be managed with anti-inflammatory drugs such as NSAIDs and steroids. These drugs help relieve inflammation and pain in the joints, which is characteristic of arthritis. However, these drugs–especially steroidal medications–can have unpleasant side effects that can impact the quality of your life.

Complementary and alternative therapies such as massage, acupuncture, and cognitive behavioral therapy–though not medically proven to be effective–can help some patients achieve more comfort. It is best to consider these alternative and complementary therapies in addition to medical treatment and not as a replacement for it.

Arthritis Surgery

If arthritis is severely impacting your day-to-day living, surgery may be the right avenue for you. Surgery can help permanently manage your arthritis symptoms. It may also be a good route to consider if you want to avoid taking medications.

There are different types of orthopedic surgery procedures that can help resolve symptoms and pain associated with arthritis. Joint repair, joint replacement, and joint fusion are the main joint surgeries that can help treat arthritis symptoms. These three surgeries offer different benefits to patients based on the condition of their arthritis. Your doctor will assess you and help you decide which of these treatments is best for your needs.

Joint repair involves repairing the affected joint, strengthening it, smoothing it, and realigning it to reduce pain and improve functionality. Joint fusion, which is more suited for smaller joints in the hands and feet, can be used to strengthen two smaller joints by fusing them into one unit.

If you want more information about medically treating your arthritis symptoms with surgery, speak to our skilled surgeon today.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Arthritis Treatments

To find out more resources to treat arthritis, turn to us. You can achieve comfort and wellness in your daily living with the help of our hand surgery specialist. Together, we can work with you to help you manage your arthritis symptoms with effective medical and surgical treatment. Speak to our specialist to discover what your treatment options are.

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